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Mobile Content allows you to use shortcodes to display different content, in your posts or pages, depending on the device it is being viewed on.

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Display different content depending on the user's device.

Simply install the plugin and start using the shortcodes right away!

You can display different content for mobile devices, tablet devices, and laptops/desktops.
Specify which content to display by using the shortcodes listed here:

  • [computer]Content for only computers here[/computer]
  • [tablet]Content for only tablets here[/tablet]
  • [mobile]Content for only phones here[/mobile]
  • [computer_tablet]Content for computer and tablets here[/computer_tablet]
  • [mobile_tablet]Content for phones and tablets here[/mobile_tablet]
  • [not_android_ios]Content for everything EXCEPT Android and iOS devices here[/not_android_ios]
  • [ios]Content for only iOS devices only here[/ios]
  • [android]Content for only Android devices only here[/android]
  • [windows_mobile]Windows Mobile only[/windows_mobile]
  • [bb]Content for only Blackberry devices here[/bb]
  • [kindle]Content for only Kindle devices here[/kindle]
  • [htc]HTC only[/htc]
  • [nexus]Nexus only[/nexus]
  • [motorola]Motorola only[/motorola]
  • [samsung]Samsung only[/samsung]
  • [sony]Sony only[/sony]
  • [palm]Palm only[/palm]
  • [ipad]iPad only[/ipad]
  • [iphone]iPhone only[/iphone]
  • [not_android_ios]Everything except for Android & iOS[/not_android_ios]
See a Demo

If you want to use the shortcodes in the PHP template files, or header/footer files, then you can use the code below:

First you must add this code:

require_once 'wp-content/plugins/mobile-content/mobile-detect.php'; $detect = new Mobile_Detect();

Then you add this code for each shortcode you want to use:

if( $detect->isMobile() && ! $detect->isTablet() ) { echo "Put your MOBILE content here"; }

The above code is for the [mobile] shortcode. For [computer] shortcode use:

if( ! $detect->isMobile() && ! $detect->isTablet() ) { echo "Put your COMPUTER content here"; }

If you want to do a specific device use this and change the device name:

if( $detect->isKindle() ) { echo "Put your KINDLE content here"; }

Email me for support at support@wpmobilecontent.com

Download the Mobile Content plugin!

This plugin is available for a small fee at CodeCanyon.

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